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Board of Entrepreneurs 

The Board of Entrepreneurs is absolutely critical to the Creativity Fund’s ability to identify high-impact proposals and will be the driving force behind important decisions. The Board of Entrepreneurs is one of two decision-making groups in the Creativity Fund’s process. They are responsible for creating fair and transparent guidelines for evaluating the feasibility of proposals and serving as the first stage evaluators of projects. 

Fit Profile

We are looking for values-driven entrepreneurs who are eager to identify and support future entrepreneurs. To qualify for this Board, entrepreneurs must have been running their organization or business for 5+ years, and through that venture, created full-time jobs for at least 10 people.


Key Responsibilities

  • Design the proposal evaluation process during two retreats in November and December. 

  • Screen and recruit Board of Representatives in January and February. 

  • Evaluate submitted proposals (process and timeline to be decided by the Board of Entrepreneurs). 

  • Make funding recommendations to the Board of Representatives, composed of community members, at the beginning of March. 

  • Provide light mentorship and guidance to grantees for a period of six months, from April - September. 


  • We expect that the Board of Entrepreneurs will serve on the Board for a 2-year term, but at a minimum, we are asking for a 1-year commitment of the following: 

  • 10-15 hours/month for the evaluation process from December - March. This will include:

    • A 4 hours retreat in December to establish the sourcing process and evaluation process.

    • A 4 hours retreat in January to establish the Board of Representatives recruitment and selection process.

    • 3-4 hours in January and February to recruit the Board of Representatives. 

    • 3-4 hours per week in February and March to evaluate proposals that have been submitted.

  • 2 hours/month to mentor the selected entrepreneurs from April through September.

Are You Interested?

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