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The Creativity Fund

Our mission is to nurture the curiosity, imagination and originality of future leaders, turning the spark of creativity into a flame that benefits our communities. 

The Creativity Fund is reimagining charitable giving by inverting traditional decision-making structures and making funding opportunities truly inclusive. 

Many highly talented creative entrepreneurs who come from impoverished backgrounds are unable to realize their creative potential. They lack access to most sources of potential funding.

The Fund seeks to re-imagine charitable giving by providing grants and seed funding to promising ventures.

We extend funding opportunities to creative entrepreneurs who would otherwise not be able to access funds and put local actors at center of decision making.

The Fund will source projects to address problems in communities with a great need for funding. 


The applications will be accepted in a variety of accessible formats such as online Application, Paper, free phone calls. 

Check back here till the end of February 2024 to apply

We are always looking to increase our impact by raising money through philanthropy to re-grant through our democratic systems. 

If you are interested in funding the Ingazi Fund to do this important work, please do reach out! 

We're looking for experts from many fields, from design to legal expertise, to support us in this work.

Please reach out through our site if you're interested in participating!

Our Team

Gaya's profile.jpg

Gayatri Datar 

Gaya is the Co-operator at the Creativity Fund. Co-Founder and CEO of EarthEnable and the Co-Founder of Unlock Impact.


Gaya loves collaborating with diverse teams to turn disruptive ideas into real impact, and believes that new models of philanthropy (like that of the Creativity Fund) can change the world.


Anne Wanlund

Anne is the Co-operator at The Creativity Fund.

Co-Founder and Director at Canopie in the U.S.A. Head of Impact and strategy at Sanku Fortification in Tanzania and Former Country Director at Gardens for Health in Rwanda

Anne developed a deep love for values-based work and admiration for the generosity and spirit of Rwandans during her time in Rwanda.

UI PHOTO_edited.jpg

JMV Nsabimana

JMV is the Program Coordinator at The Creativity Fund. He previously worked with Several field related jobs serving the society, and studied Statistics from the University of Rwanda and a graduate at Unlock Impact Where he learned courses like project management, Leadership, and workshop design

JMV was born and raised from one of the rural District of Rwanda and is passionate about seeing Rural populations have opportunities to pursue their dreams through social entrepreneurship. 

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