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The Creativity Fund was established in September 2020 in Rwanda to reimagine charitable giving through a new way of disbursing funds to creative entrepreneurs who have ideas for how to serve their communities but lack the resources to get started.

Our goal is to ensure that funding decisions are made entirely by the people who understand the context in which projects will be implemented and who will be most affected by the outcomes of the projects. This is in contrast to the traditional funding model. We believe that this model will lead to effective projects and empowered leaders. 

Reimagining Charitable Giving


The Creativity Fund will source proposals to address needs in communities through expansive outreach. The proposals will be accepted in a variety of accessible formats, including WhatsApp voice note, SMS to a free number, paper, phone calls to a free number, and other means, as long as they contain the information required to evaluate them. 

These projects will be evaluated by a "Board of Representatives" composed of a representative (randomly selected) group of community members who will be affected by the outcomes of the proposal, assessing it for relevance, importance, and preference. The Board of Representatives makes the final decision about what will be funded. 

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